Waffle Sauce

Is it bad that I think it is awesome that Drew calls syrup “waffle sauce”? In my opinion, waffle sauce is right up there with the guy who asked the question “why are jet skis not called boater cycles”.
I mean, technically the kid is not wrong. Log cabin syrup is probably closer to a sauce than it is an actual maple syrup. Sorry log cabin, you’re still delicious. With that said I am not writing about brown bottles of high fructose cory syrup that for some reason you cannot microwave.
I want to talk today about an innocence that, for us, seems to fade with age. Drew calls it like he sees it, not waiting to be told what it is. With age we seem to assign the description of what we have been told to use.
With global developmental delay, it is easy to focus on how behind Drew is falling with milestones. Standards not being met, goals not achieved.
What if we all set our standards aside for a minute and humbled ourselves a bit and consider this fact: Drew, at 12 years of age, has no enemies and hates no one. Judgement does not exist in his world.
Simply put, the kid is a heat seeking missile for anyone willing to play trains with him.
I mean dang, on top of that he is easily the most known kid in school. One could argue the most popular as well. Everyone just likes him; he is a true blessing to all that know him.
The innocence he carries allows him to be who he is and is why everyone loves him. Could we learn something from him? Absolutely, without question!
Naturally with maturity comes a self-serving mentality, as it should. This prepares us to exist in our society more effectively.
Drew’s maturity will come, I have no doubt, but it will take more time. With that said, I will take a moment to enjoy that sweet waffle sauce a bit more.