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Define Priority

AWG is keenly aware that our families have a lot of weight on their shoulders. With an understanding that time is money and money is time, it is important to define your priorities. What is most important to answer first? More often than not, this process can take months to finalize. We can save money by focusing on what is most important first, then transition to other aspects as your loved one ages.


Many times, families are referred to AWG after visiting with one of the many law firms we work with.  This is particularly helpful because we are able to incorporate shared information directly to the financial plan.

Roll Out

A “No Huddle” offense is fun to watch. Having said that, these are NOT plays AWG wants to run. With our families, it does take a village, so we need to have our village in the know.  When it is time to call in the play we at AWG suggests a “village dinner” where we will attend to celebrate our family as well as discuss the role of our beloved village and answer any and all questions.


With my own experience in our Special needs family. It is always cheaper to maintain, rather than retrain. The importance of keeping everyone involved and up to date is paramount. AWG is committed to providing a positive coaching approach for all questions as it relates to our loved ones.

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