A good writer can take a complex subject matter and repackage it in an entertaining and informative way. Unfortunately, I am not a good writer, so best of luck understanding the following paragraphs.


First, a quick lesson in finance.


A core principle of finance is called the time value of money. Harvard Business School describes “TVM” as “A Sum of money is worth more now than in the future .” Drew would say that his twenty dollars will buy way more monster truck toys today than it will two years from now. Simply put, Inflation.


Hang in here for me; this is where finance meets function.


We help Drew get dressed in the morning. So far, in his 13 years, the kid has perfect attendance for the Norton household morning routine. Neither I nor Christy can bill for this time. But guess what? Just about anyone else outside our village does.


Ability Wealth group sees this time and time again. As it turns out, the Time Value of Mommy calculation can become a significant expense many families do not account for.


There is a distinct trend of “super moms” aging out of being able to care for their differently abled child. Leaving other siblings and family struggling to replace the love, time, and care that Mom was able to provide.


So what can be done? We first look at the village. Do we have family or friends that can fill in the void? Do we have to find a DSP (Direct Service Provider) to come in and help? Who will pay for this person, a state waiver or out-of-pocket?


Let’s be clear; I use “Mommy” in the title of my little calculation as a play on words. In reality, I am referring to our village as a whole. Sometimes a Dad, Grandparents, or guardian will increasingly need outside support. AWG is here to help calculate and plan for these costs.


While Ability Wealth Group cannot stop time, we use our SustainAbility process to understand its effects on our families. AWG assists families in looking forward, asking how many hours daily, time of day, and skill level required. We are allowing our families to better plan for the cost of care moving forward.