The Journey to Finding Purpose

I have searched for many things in life over the past 11 years with my son Drew. That list would include everything from a rare disease diagnosis to a toy ice cream truck that drew played with one time four years ago. Some of what I was searching for was found, some not so lucky (sorry ice cream truck!).
One thing I have not had to search for was purpose. I am needed with my family and professionally. So what would my purpose be to others that would warrant you to continue reading this?
As a Certified Financial Planner, my goal is to maintain lasting relationships with my clients. That means, I am aware of the scripted part of life as well as the unscripted portions.

First, let’s talk life’s unscripted moments :  


On January 15th, 2009, Captain Sully prepared for a typical flight, following the script for preflight as his passengers followed their own scripts for boarding. Shortly after take off, the flight quickly became unscripted as a flock of Canadian geese flew into both engines (thanks Canada), rendering them useless.  


Now, the science. A plane needs speed to create a pressure differential between the bottom of the wing and the top, allowing the plane to fly. No jet engine equals no speed, which results in total plane failure.  
It was in this moment Captain Sully was able to maintain control of his emotions, allowing him to take inventory of what parts of the plane did remain in his control. With his understanding of aerodynamics, Sully was able to steer the plane to the Hudson river and land safely, saving the lives of 155 souls. 

 I see “Sully” moments with Special Needs families quite often. The question, does the family have an advocate that can help them understand what their options are in that moment?

Captain Sully had a very distinct competitive advantage when his moment came. He had 30 years of experience which taught him how to access, plan and proceed. In fact, I am confident that he had extensive practice in a simulator dealing with engine failure.  
There is no simulator for families to pre-plan an event happening. Last I checked, there was still no user manual for life unscripted.  


I would like to challenge families to work with a financial planning professional who can help simulate scenarios, good and challenging, as well as bringing many years of experience in helping families through their “Captain Sully” moments.
For me this is where I find purpose.