We often hear, “Y’all are extraordinary parents,” and we very much appreciate the compliment.   


With that said, the word “extraordinary” is interesting to me. Mainly because whoever penned this word got lazy and just smashed two words together and called it a day.   


FYI: that is called a portmanteau word.   


Now, let’s undo our wordsmith’s “extraordinary” effort and split the word back into two. Why? Because when the word is split into two, only then can you begin to understand why families with special needs are truly extraordinary.   


Let’s start with “Extra.”   


We are our own staffing company. We are physical, occupational, and speech therapists, research assistants, and medical billing experts. In our case, we are wheelchair repair technicians, special education teachers, medical transport companies, pharmacists, and advocates for rights. By no means does the list stop here, and in many cases, this is all on top of being a typical parent as well.   


Next, we have the word “Ordinary.”   


Ordinary: EVERYDAY, Every Single Day.   


So yes, special needs families are, by in large, genuinely Extraordinary.   


With that said, I call on everyone for a favor. If you see a person who could use a little pat on the back or pick-me-up, let them know they are indeed extraordinary, and let’s make that a part of your extra ordinary.