Let it be known that I am fully aware that all our kids drive us crazy in one way or another.  But what type of transmission drives their car?


Some are smooth like a Rolls Royce but obviously expensive to maintain. Others are fast as a Ferrari with so much power, control can be lost without warning.


In our case, Drew has a transmission that is best described as “Four Wheel Grind”.


Before you start thinking that this is a complaint, it is not. While definitely difficult to dive at times, four-wheel grind is Drew’s tenacity in its purest form.


“FWG” gear allows Drew to navigate paths that are difficult such as therapies, school or overstimulating situations.  FWG also allows him dig into paths that serve no purpose other than staying up past bedtime or drinking too much Coke.


What does this have to do with the cost of tea in China? Allow me to better explain.


As parents we hold a unique key to Drew and his transmission. We solely understand how his transmission works and what needs to be done to keep it at the proper speed.


This is a mistake. 


Others need to know as well.


While I wish it was, tomorrow is never a promise. We need to be prepared for someone else to have a spare set of keys.


This is where we use the Vest and Village part of the Ability Wealth Group process.


Vest: Think personality and all of the components that go into it. Likes, dislikes and daily routines.


Village: Who will need to know this. Babysitters, caregivers or family?


Every family will decide on their own based on circumstance. With that said, someone other than mom or dad need to know how to keep Drew in gear.


This is the basis in the sustainability of our planning process.


Lastly, if you are ever in the mood to see what 4 wheel grind looks like, follow us to target to grab a birthday gift for one of his friends.


Drew: “Let me just pop this sucker into 4 wheel grind real quick, Dad”.